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Relationships are a lot of work. When you’re struggling to find common ground with your spouse or partner, a counselor can help you overcome those hurdles. Monson Counseling offers marriage counseling in Renton, WA.

Your therapy starts by establishing an unbiased environment of trust. You’ll learn effective communication skills to work through your problems. You’ll attend sessions as a couple or individual. In most cases, Margaret recommends committing to at least six months of therapy.

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Margaret will help you develop your communication skills

Margaret will help you develop your communication skills

Marriage counseling is ideal for couples who have communication problems, are going through a divorce or working to get past an affair. Margaret will look at developing the dynamic between you and your partner. Our counseling involves:

  • Examining each person’s responsibilities in the relationship
  • Uncovering the root of your issues
  • Developing a personalized counseling plan
  • Helping you reconnect and recommit
  • Providing continuous support for the future

Margaret cares about the health of your relationship. Call 206-920-0323 today to talk with a relationship counselor in Renton, WA.