Who comes to therapy?

Those who come to therapy are people just like you. They are individual men and women, as well as couples, looking for hope in the midst of a difficult time. All are welcome and nothing is too big or small to talk about.

How do I know if I need help?

All of us need someone’s help at some point in our lives. There is nothing out of the ordinary about needing another to come along side you, in fact it’s very normal. Most of us begin to realize we need to see a counselor when the pain and pressures of life get in the way of our normal, daily functioning or happiness. Chances are, if you’re visiting my site there’s something within you that knows you desire to talk with someone.

Does this mean I’m crazy?

No, definitely not. In fact, those who are aware they need help and are willing to seek it out are far more courageous than crazy.

What can I expect from my first session?

You will have an opportunity to tell me a little bit about what’s concerning you. I’ll make an effort to understand the nature of your concerns and give you a general idea about how I might help. In addition, I’ll be honest with you about whether or not I feel I’m the best choice for you, and if not, will recommend another counselor, who may be a better fit.

How long does counseling last?

Since each situation is unique, you and I will work together to determine how long your therapy might last to best benefit you. To start with, it is helpful to make a commitment to the counseling process of at least 4-6 sessions. It takes time to determine if you and I will have the potential to develop a good working relationship. Since relational therapy deals with the deeper places within, clients often see a therapist for at least 6 months and many work with their therapist for several years.